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Because our clients are of various sizes and from various industries, we see and solve a lot of interesting problems and also have the opportunity to research and test a lot of different technology.  

This is where we share what we've learned.

Affiliates are companies that we have tested and have a relationship with for referrals.

Open Source software can address needs you may have while keeping costs under control.

Online and Web Services (think "cloud") allow you to access business information virtually anywhere and from nearly any device.

Android apps are tools for the Android smartphone Operating System that we find helpful in our everyday work.

Tutorials is a collection of documents that we've created (PDFs) that solve specific issues or walk through the steps for setting up a specific software feature.

While we do use and recommend what we have collected here, we do not warranty any of these products, services or documents and therefore claim no responsibility for negative outcomes.  As always, please be cautious and recognize when you may be better with a professional.