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Online Services - Dropbox
Category:  Cloud storage, backup, collaboration, sharing
Compare to: Microsoft Office (Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive)
Description:  Dropbox is a lot of things.  Automatic backup, synchronizing and collaboration enabling tool.  Sign up for an account online and install the app on your PC, laptop, phone etc.. Any file placed in the Dropbox folder is automatically backed up and synchronized to all your devices.  Share folders with friends, family or colleagues.
Online and Web Services - Evernote
Category:  Note taking and archiving tool
Compare to: Microsoft OneNote
Description: Create "notebooks" and fill with documents, images, web pages, web links etc.  Apps for PC, Mac, Phone and web-based.  Great for research and centralizing resources for reports.
cairnedge consulting - down right now
Down Right Now
Description:  Down Right Now is a crowdsourced service that allows you to see if any of your favorite websites are experiencing service difficulties.  They track sites like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL mail, Facebook, Twitter and many others.
If you are having problems getting into Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, check Down Right Now first.