About Us

As founder of cairnedge consulting, I spent more than 20 years in the high tech, consumer electronics and advertising industries. Over my tenure I had the good fortune to build skills in marketing, product development, sales and technical support. I've held roles as varied as Technical Support Call Rep through Director of Marketing and VP of Product Development.  Whether an individual contributor or managing large teams of people around the world, my focus has always been the same.  "Are we doing what is right for the business?" We bring that same level of integrity to everything we do for you at cairnedge consulting.
One of my favorite quotes is from Mark Kennaley a writer for Dr. Dobb's, a software development blog.  He noted:  "what we have today: a jargon-filled confusion of siloed tribes made up of uncollaborative zealots".  We see our clients run into this very same problem all the time. Individual contractors acting as if they are the keeper of the light while at the same time blaming each other for problems.

cairnedge consulting - services map

When considering the Marketing needs of a business we also look at the technology that will require or are there technologies that are readily available that would enhance the Marketing direction we are considering.  
When looking at the Web / Internet side of the business, we have to consider the best way to use the Web / Internet to continue getting the Marketing message out.  We also have to look at the technology involved and whether it will cause a burden on the business resources.  
When considering the technology needs of a particular business we are always looking at ways of maximizing the efficiency of that technology to better address the Marketing and Web/Internet needs of the business as well.  By living at the middle of the intersection of these three services, we are able to work on behalf of our clients across all, while considering the impact of each on the other.

The model for cairnedge consulting .

  1. Centralized Account Management:  While several people may work on your needs, you have a primary account manager who is aware of all aspects of what is going on with your business 
  2. Local-Sourced Services:  cairnedge manages a team of independent contractors to get each project done.
  3. Low Overhead:  Using a variety of communication tools to stay in touch and up to date with partners, clients and contractors, cairnedge consulting has no physical office to maintain.
  4. Experience:  20+ years experience in Marketing, Product Development, Technology and Business Process.  More than a decade of Graphic Design, Web Design, Packaging and Collateral Design, Illustration and Digital Photography.  More than 20 years of applied and certified experience with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Android and Apple iPhone and iPad platforms.