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We have had the good fortune to provide our services to a variety of businesses around Chicagoland and the country.

Our clients range from single person consultancy startups to multi-million dollar financial institutions. From small one-man shops to organizations with dozens of employees spread across multiple geographies.  And from industries as diverse as real estate, salons/spas, energy, HVAC, importing, dentistry and arborists.

What they all have in common is that they decided they needed help with their business.

Whether they needed a website, business cards or technical support, they all came to cairnedge consulting because the integrated services we offer address the the biggest problem areas small to medium sized businesses wrestle with.

You could follow those TV ads that lead you to believe you can build a website in a couple hours, or that you can become your own tech support by reading their book or watching their DVDs.  We've found those claims to be more than a little optimistic.  Like fitness infomercials with the asterix and "results not typical" at the bottom of the screen.

As a small to medium sized business owner, you absolutely should know the ins and outs of your business.  But, if your business is beaded jewelry is the best use of your time to also become a web developer?  If your business is real-estate, does becoming proficient in server management and staying up on the latest developments in cloud storage and collaborative environments make you more competitive?  The problem is that these functional areas can be a substantial distraction from your core business.

Like you, we focus on our core business to grow our overall business.  It just so happens that our business fills the gaps you may have in running your business.  Like you, when we have a problem with our trees and bushes, we call an arborist.  A specialist who has the experience and skills to find and fix the problems we have. 

Cairnedge consulting works in that very same way for our clients.  Take a look at samples of some of our work by following the links in the Client Menu to the right.

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