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cairnedge consulting - Realty Consulting Servicescairnedge consulting is managing the health and well being of all of RCS' PCs and servers across local and remote offices. With more than two dozen computers running Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Server 2008, spread over two states, it could get challenging.
By using remote access software and performing support without physical travel, cairnedge consulting has reduced RCS' expenses while providing more timely resolutions to problems on PCs in remote locations.
By taking a more holistic view of their operation we have also inventoried all systems and established a retirement plan to facilitate moving through old machines that are more susceptible to failure.
Recently, we've started the migration of remote offices to cloud-based solutions for email, document management and open source applications to minimize the threat from malicious attacks and the down-time associated with it. 


cairnedge consulting - FJRudy and Associates

cairnedge consulting has addressed many IT issues for F.J. Rudy and Associates. From the simple, like recommendations for new PCs, laptops, printers, tablets and smartphones, to the more sophisticated and complex like migrating and synchronizing MS Outlook across computers, recovering from and defending against the latest virus, trojan, malware and ransomware.  We've also helped them  make the strategic move to cloud-based storage services, which allows them to automatically backup documents, presentations and the like and have access to them while in the office or traveling internationally.


cairnedge consulting - RCA DevelopmentFor RCA Development, cairnedge consulting provides a variety of computer hardware and software support services.  We preview hardware and software purchases and make recommendations about brand, model and retailer to purchase from. We setup new PCs and laptops, assist with software installations as necessary and provide remote support to deal with malware, viruses, trojans and training as needed.