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Android Smartphone - Lookout
Description:  Highly touted security app for Android.  Think TrendMicro, Norton etc.. but for your phone. Scans apps and docs for known viruses, malware etc.. as you install or open 
Android Smartphone - Dropbox
Description:See full description under Online and Web Services.  Dropbox enables synchronizing of files between your computers and phones.
Android Smartphone - Oanda Currency Converter
Oanda Currency Converter
Description: One of the most current and accurate international currency conversion apps.  If you travel internationally, this app is a must have.. 
Android Smartphone - Keepass
Description: Along with a PC application, KeePass is a one stop vault for all your passwords so you don't have to write them down, put them on a piece of paper etc..   Use in conjunction with Dropbox to get maximum flexibility and portability.
Android Smartphone - Convertpad
Description:  Whether for your job or international travel, having conversions for all kinds of measurements at the tip of your fingers comes in very handy.
Android Smartphone - Google Translate
Google Translate
Description:  Another tool for the internationally inclined.  Google translate can help navigate transportation, local news or emails.  Conversions are good and grammar is getting better.
android phone - wifi explorer Wifi File Explorer
Description:  This is a great little app if you don't "tether" your phone to your computer with a cable.  In a location where you are comfortable with the security of the WiFi, File Explorer will setup the phone as a file server. You then can access the files on the phone (pictures, video, documents etc..) through the Internet browser on your PC or Mac.
Android Smartphone - Evernote Evernote
Description:  See full description under Internet and Web Services page.  The Evernote phone app allows photographs, scans, voice recordings etc to be instantly added to a notebook.
Android Smartphone - Google Maps and Navigation Google Maps & Navigation
Description:  Basically a GPS in your phone.  So much better than the AT&T maps and navigation offering.  Also, Google Maps and Navigation uses the GPS in your phone.  AT&T's app uses GPS AND 3G/4G.  That means it uses up your data plan faster .
Android Smartphone - Documents to Go Documents to Go (full) or QuickOffice
Description:  While not a regular occurance, we occassionally find that we need to read or edit a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document while on the go.  Not optimal with your phone, but better than nothing at all.  For about $15, these apps can be lifesavers in a pinch.